Bullet is a lurcher, a kind of sight hound.  His father was Tanner, a greyhound-collie cross and  his mother, Hailey, is a bulldog-whippet cross.  He's a wonderful companion. He is my guardian in the field and my friend always.   With Bullet along I do not fear predators taking my small dogs while we walk the woods and fields.
Tanner's dad was Johndog.  He was a 1/2 cross between a greyhound and a bearded collie/border collie mix.  Johndog was bred back to a track greyhound named Soda making Tanner 3/4 greyhound 1/4 collie.  Tanner came from Hancock Lurchers in the UK.
Johndog - Tanner's father
Tanner - Bullet's father
Bullet's mom